XJ-13 Strain: What to Expect & Where to Buy

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What is the XJ-13 strain?

The XJ-13 strain is built to deliver, and it does it without missing a beat, thanks to illustrious parents and outstanding aromatics. This pleasantly pungent breed is tightly packed with flowers and pistils, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Strain type: Is XJ-13 Sativa or Indica?

XJ-13 is a Sativa-domant Hybrid. However, some sources do claim that this specific strain is a perfect Hybrid with a 50/50 mix from both genetic sides of cannabis. As it is with all strains, the specifics of genetics, cannabinoid content, and even terpenes can vary depending on the grower.

More XJ-13 Strain Characteristics


The XJ-13 strain is a cross between the ever-famous Jack Herer strain and G13. The primary goal when this strain was created was to bring about a flower that was super flavorful with a toss-up between spicy and sweet. The end result is a super-pungent, incredibly flavorful bud with just enough of G13’s Indican traits and enough Jack Herer traits for a superior uplift.


Citrus, pine, and spicy funk are exactly the aromatic notes you’ll catch when you take a whiff of XJ-13. The strain’s genetics ensures this pick is pungent and aromatic, but in the best way possible. You could get lost in the diverse layers of scents delivered by the unique terpene lineup.


XJ-13 comes across initially with a powerful citrus punch that is a bit on the sour side. However, you’ll also pick up flavor notes of cooling mint and earthen spice. The piney flavor lingers on the backside, but it is definitely noteworthy upon exhale, oftentimes even tickling the back of the throat.


Terpinolene, caryophyllene, and myrcene are the top terpenes in the XJ-13 strain, which explains the nice balance between fruity and spicy. This exact combination is known for serving up a flavorful, aromatic experience in several other strains.

Effects: How will XJ-13 make me feel?

XJ-13 is often referred to as a “wake-and-bake” strain because it has such an uplifting delivery. Most reviewers describe XJ-13 as energetic, happy, and creative—all traits you would expect from a Sativa-leaning Hybrid. This particular strain is popular among medical cannabis users because it soothes achy discomforts without compromising your focus. XJ-13 is also good for stress and depression because it pulls you out of a negative headspace, possibly even making you feel a bit chatty and euphoric.

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Where to Buy XJ-13 in Oregon

The XJ-13 cannabis strain is a popular pick among both recreational and medical consumers. Therefore, you should have no trouble tracking down this strain in the best medical and adult use dispensaries in Oregon.

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