What is Live Rosin? vs Hash Rosin, Live Resin, & Wax

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Make a trip to a local dispensary of your choice these days, and you will most likely find a full collection of cannabis concentrates. One concentrate bound to catch your attention is live rosin. Pure and potent, as well as highly aromatic, live rosin offers a lot to concentrate users. So, what is live rosin? Should you get live resin or rosin? What is meant by that “live” descriptor? Below is a closer look at the answers to all this and more.

What is live rosin?

Rosin is a wax-consistency concentrate derived from cannabis. Rosin is considered a solventless concentrate because it is made using pressure and heat instead of a solvent. The concentrate is referred to as “live” when it is extracted from the live cannabis plant instead of the cured buds of the cannabis plant.

Live rosin can also be either cold cured or warm cured. Basically, once the rosin is extracted, processors will generally cure the rosin for a set period of time to encourage certain attributes in the final product. Cold cured live rosin is cured at temperatures between 40 and 70º F; hot cured rosin is cured at temperatures of 100º F or more.

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Live Rosin vs Hash Rosin, Live Resin, & Wax

There are quite a few forms of rosin, and it is easy to get rosin confused with resin or wax concentrates. The end products do look like similar concentrates. However, there are differences between them, including how they’re made, consistency, and the end experience. Take a look below:

  • Live rosin – Created from freshly harvested buds using heat and pressure
  • Hash rosin – Created from hash using heat and pressure
  • Live resin – Created using frozen flower and butane solvents
  • Wax – Created from cured bud using butane or other solvents

How can you tell if it’s live resin or rosin?

Live resin and rosin are two similar concentrates when it comes to potency and quality. Usually, however, live resin will have a softer, more pliable consistency than live rosin. Depending on the curing process that was followed, live rosin can have different consistencies. Cold cured live rosin often comes out as almost a live rosin badder, which is denser and heavier almost like cookie dough.

How is Live Rosin Made?

Live rosin is made in a solventless extraction process that requires several steps, and steps can vary depending on the manufacturer. Even though you can make rosin with the most rudimentary tools at home like a hair straightener and some wax paper, processors go through far more steps to create a high-end, pure product. Once the buds are harvested, the process often looks something like this:

  1. The plant material may be flash frozen
  2. Trichomes are separated from the plant matter
  3. The extracted trichomes are allowed to dry
  4. The material is placed in a filtered or mesh bag
  5. Heat and pressure are used to squeeze out the concentrate
  6. The concentrate is placed in an airtight container for further curing

The end result is a solventless concentrate that can have between 75 and 85 percent potency and up to 15 percent terpene content.

How to Use Live Rosin Products?

Live hash rosins

Live hash rosins are best used with a dab rig. The dab rig allows you to vaporize a tiny bit (a “dab”) of the concentrate and inhale the smoke.

Live rosin carts

Live rosin carts are designed for use with a vape battery. The vape basically vaporizes the concentrate for you to inhale, and the high potency means you don’t need but a hit or two to feel the effects.

Live rosin edibles

Live rosin edibles are edibles infused with live resin concentrate instead of typical cannabis extracts. These products are meant to be consumed just as any other edible. However, pay close attention to the potency and suggested serving size on the live rosin edible label.

Where to Buy Live Rosin

The popularity of dabs and high-potency experiences with little product has led to most dispensaries offering a full line of concentrates for sale, including rosin. Therefore, live rosin is available at most adult-use dispensaries in Oregon, including here at Madrone. Be sure to check our menu to see what types of live rosin and other concentrates we have available.

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