Dispensaries near I5 Highway in Oregon

dispensary near i5 highway oregon

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Traveling from northern California to Oregon or Washington via I-5 and wish to explore your options? Our Reputable family-owned pot shop is situated among other dispensaries, approximately 15 minutes from the interstate.

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Other Cannabis dispensaries near I5 highway in Oregon

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Madrone Cannabis Club, in Ashland OR, is a well-known, state-licensed recreational and medical dispensary located off I-5 South. We’re a household name in the local marijuana industry and a top weed store frequented by both beginner and veteran consumers. Browse our menu or visit the store.

Why Visit Dispensaries near I5 Highway in Oregon

Any of these medical or recreational dispensaries can be the perfect pit stop to satisfy your craving, curiosity, or medicinal need for weed. At Madrone Cannabis, we’ve set ourselves apart from the rest as a family-owned, fun, and friendly marijuana dispensary with an inviting ambiance. You’ll be greeted by a professional staff and invited to peruse an array of the best weed strains and affordable products in town.

Fun Activities Around Our Dispensary in Ashland

Ashland is a city in southern Oregon with plenty of interesting activities to do and sites to visit. Go on a Scavenger Hunt and Trivia Game, a phone-guided walking tour through Downtown Ashland. We also have some of the finest foods for you to sample, starting at Larks Home Kitchen Cuisine. If you decide to crash for the night, there are plenty of local AirBnb options.

First Time Visiting Dispensaries near I5 Highway in Oregon?

Even though cannabis is legal for adult use in Oregon, first-time consumers usually seek answers to frequently asked questions. We’ve put together critical information to guide you when purchasing, consuming and traveling with marijuana.

How much marijuana can I buy in one visit?

Adults aged 21 and older can possess and use marijuana. However, Oregon laws limit the amount you can buy in one transaction to 1 ounce flower, 1 ounce concentrate, 16 ounces solid edibles, and 72 ounces liquid edibles.

Can I buy CBD at dispensaries near I5 highway in Oregon?

Absolutely. Once you make it to our cannabis store, check out our menu for THC-CBD infused gummies, oils, topicals, and tinctures, including the full-spectrum Dreamberry 2:1 CBN Muleshine 250mg.

What do I need to bring to your cannabis shop?

A valid driver’s license, passport, or state-issued I.D is required for residents and out-of-state visitors. Medical use patients must bring along their medical marijuana card.

Is it legal to travel outside of Oregon with weed?

While it’s legal to possess the legal limit in your car within the state, the law prohibits traveling with marijuana from Oregon across state lines. You also cannot use weed in public.

Shop Premium Marijuana at Madrone Cannabis in Oregon

Come shop at our wholesale and retail dispensary if you’re 21 or older or have a qualifying medical condition. Order online for curbside pickup. Also serving tokers in Talent, Phoenix, Klamath Falls, Medford, and Mt. McLoughlin, Oregon.

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