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Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates offer a potent dose of cannabinoids in only the tiniest amount of product. As an alternative to smoking, concentrates have grown in popularity. At Madrone Cannabis Club, we have a full collection of top-shelf concentrates for sale from the most trusted brands. We stock our menu with high-quality wax, dabs, live rosin, and more. Be sure to take a look at our menu and order ahead!

Cannabis Concentrate FAQs

What are concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are extracts derived from cannabis that have been concentrated. In general terms, concentrates have been processed in a way that strips away unnecessary plant material, which means mostly cannabinoids and terpenes are left behind. Because of this, when you find concentrates for sale, you can usually expect those products to be far more potent than flower. THC potency levels, or even the potency of other cannabinoids, can be around 90 percent or more depending on the product.

How are concentrates different from extracts?

Extracts are created using either distillation or solvents. Concentrates, on the other hand, are made using either solvents or purely mechanical processes. Extracts are also concentrated and boast higher potency levels, but the processes used to make extracts are different than the process used to make concentrates. Therefore, not all concentrates for sale are considered extracts. For example, rosin is a concentrate but not an extract, but RSO is both a concentrate and an extract.

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How do I use cannabis concentrates?

Concentrates are meant to be vaporized, which can be done with a dab rig or a specially designed vaping device. Concentrates can also be ingested as an edible or combined with flower and smoked. Cannabis concentrates are incredibly potent compared to flower (up to 90 percent cannabinoids compared to about 25 percent or less in flower), so whichever consumption method you choose, be sure to use only a small amount.

What are different types of cannabis concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates come in a lot of forms, each with its own unique consistency. Further, some concentrates are more potent than others, such as wax dabs, which may be more potent than something like live resin. The most common concentrates include wax, shatter, live resin, kief, RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), badder, and bubble hash.

Where can you buy concentrates in OR?

Cannabis concentrates can be purchased at licensed cannabis dispensaries in OR, such as the Madrone Cannabis Club. Because concentrates can be made with solvents and are highly potent, always trust only trusted dispensaries with the most high-quality, tested products.

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